Pick 32: AFC West: Week 6

Oakland Raiders

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This is a pretty simple play. Oakland’s going to send 4 receivers downfield, which forced Seattle’s defenders back.
Here Carr could’ve passed the ball to his back, however that’s a dangerous play throwing across his body, and he instead decides to run it himself and pick up a first down.


Bad Play

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This isn’t anything too fancy, but it’s a high football IQ play by Russell Wilson here. Oakland thinks there’s been a false start, and starts complaining to the refs. Wilson sees this and quickly gets his center to snap the ball.
A linebacker was supposed to drop back in coverage, but because of the late start he got it led to a wide open receiver. Whether it should’ve been called a false start or not, it’s a great play by Wilson.


Los Angeles Chargers

First play after the half. The 49ers Browns did not have a response to our jet sweep. We did it it felt like 15 times. But this one worked really well coming out of the locker room.

Edit: i’m dumb…corrected the team

-Banditjack from reddit

(It’s okay Banditjack, I’m dumb too)

This is a jet sweep from Los Angeles, and it is well executed, but it was really a failure by Cleveland on this play.
Cleveland’s playing a zone coverage on this play, so nobody’s going to follow Keenan Allen who’s in motion on this play. However Cleveland needs to communicate here and have a linebacker shift over to keep an eye on Allen. Because as on now nobody’s assigned to where Allen’s going to be running to.
Instead, Cleveland keeps their positioning, and they don’t have an unblocked man anywhere close to Allen.

Bad Play

I would really like to see a breakdown of Jabrill Peppers’ punt returning- he was a different animal this week.

-sginsc from reddit

This play starts off with Cleveland doing a good job taking away Los Angeles’ gunners, and so the next two closest players are wings.
The punt was a high one, which I believe was to not allow a return, however since Cleveland was able to take away the gunners, it gave Peppers the chance to return the ball. The route I have on that picture is what many returners would do on this play, cut outside and pick up as many yards as possible.
However Peppers decides to trust his footwork, he makes a man miss and then cuts back inside.
At this point the circled charger has to step over to the bottom of the screen. this would’ve cut off any potential moves for Peppers to make. The yellow line is what he should’ve done, and the blue one is what he actually did.
Because of that, Peppers only had to make one move to make both of them miss, and he was able to gain another 20 yards.


Denver Broncos

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

The Rams are going to run a fake jet sweep and then a fake handoff on this play. The Rams do this a lot, and so often it causes their opponents linebackers to get out of position, however Denver does a very good job of having each player stick to their assignment.
As you see here, the first step is Denver’s secondary’s doing it’s job. So Jared Goff can’t make a quick throw. Meanwhile Von Miller has a highlight reel play here, as he knocks down a ram, and gets to Goff for a sack.

Bad Play

Break down Case’s int play. Tell us wtf goes through his head in your opinion.

-SirTom_Chanksalot from reddit

This is really just a bad post-snap read by Case Keenum here. His pre-snap read is good, he sees that there’s most likely going to be a linebacker covering his tight end, and that’s a matchup that he likes.
However here, he should realize that the Rams defender covering Matt LaCosse at the bottom of the screen is expecting LaCosse to cut, this allows LaCosse to get past him. However Keenum sticks with his pre-snap read and throws it to a man who’s not open, which results in a tipped ball and an interception. 


Kansas City Chiefs

The who did he throw that to play

-ChiefStark1893 from reddit

(He or she was also nice enough to include a video in their comment, much appreciated.)

This is the initial formation, it’s a pretty standard goal line pass play.
What I like about this play from Patrick Mahomes is that he throws the ball to where’s a defender isn’t, not necessarily where a receiver is. A lot of guys would just fire a pass to Hill, but floating one in no man’s land gives Hill a much better chance to come down with it, even if it’s not exactly what the route started off as. (This is also why Kareem Hunt thought the pass was coming to him).
There was also another Chief open here. Mahomes made the right call going to Hill, but I though it was worth mentioning that this play worked in a couple of different ways.


Bad Play

I’d like to see a look at Sony Michel and the run blocking. No specific play, I’ve just been impressed with that unit the past couple of weeks.

God bless Dante Scarneccia

-TG- from reddit

This is a pretty interesting play design. There’s a few things to unpack here, first New England’s going to let a Chief go unblocked, trusting that Sony Michel will run past him. New England also has 3 blockers on Kansas City’s other 3 linemen. Since they have a tight end and a fullback in the game on this play, that gives Michel 4 more blockers in front of him.
While it was a good play, it could’ve been a great one. Here Edelman failed to block his man. With a good block, Michel would’ve been able to break outside, and if he made 1 man miss, it probably would’ve gone for a touchdown.
Instead Michel has to break back inside, which causes him to get brought down for a gain of 8.


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