Pick 32: AFC North: Week 6

Pittsburgh Steelers

I think you should break down the game-winning TD play and explain why the no-call by the ref on the alleged “pick” was the right decision.

-lizzi6692 from reddit

I think the obvious choice would be the Antonio Brown TD


At this point, the game’s on the line, and Cincinnati’s going to put one man on each receiver, and blitz everyone else. This is to hopefully get a sack and knock the Steelers out of field goal range. Pittsburgh is going to run a pick play, which you see a lot in goal line situations, but since the Bengals are blitzing it’s a perfect play call to do it here. 
This play wouldn’t work if Cincinnati has even one linebacker in coverage, so a huge part of this play is Ben Roethlisberger making a correct read. The second he realizes that the Bengals have a stacked box with man coverage, he let’s his receivers know.
(On a bit of a side note, I guess there was some confusion as to whether it was an illegal pick or not, but contact was initiated less than one yard down field, making it completely legal)


Cincinnati Bengals

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This play is a pretty interesting one. The the initial route isn’t anything too fancy, it’s a pretty standard end zone type play. However what’s interesting about it is the way Boyd initiates the contact.
As you see here, he basically fakes like he’s blocking for someone, but then instead runs his route. it doesn’t give him a ton of room, but just enough for Andy Dalton to make a perfect throw for a touchdown.


Baltimore Ravens

Maybe the 22 yard Lamar run from sunday. That was his longest run of the season.

-OsCrowsAndNattyBohs1 from reddit

This is a play that’s really a big gain before the ball is snapped. Baltimore has 3 tight ends to their left, and a halfback lines up to the left side as well. The only eligible receiver on the right side of the field is Joe Flacco. At this point, the only two Titans that are going to be unblocked are basically parallel to Baltimore’s right tackle, and since this is a quarterback run to the left, that’s good news for Baltimore.
To make matters worse for Tennessee, Linebacker Kamalei Correa is blitzing here, leaving just one Titan with a clear path to Jackson. However he takes a bad angle, at this point it’s already going to be a decent gain, but if he follows the black arrow there’d be a chance to make a play. Instead he runs straight at Jackson who can easily run past him.


Bad Play



(Yeah, they had a rough week.)

This is a very interesting play design. Tennessee has a halfback and two fullbacks in the game. Clearly the point of this is to give Mariota as much protection as possible with the ball backed up near their own goal line.
Here Baltimore rushes 5 players, while Tennessee has 7 back to block (one fullback ran out to the flat). But with extra protection, a huge hole opens up for the Titans, and Mariota picks up a first down.


Cleveland Browns

I would really like to see a breakdown of Jabrill Peppers’ punt returning- he was a different animal this week.

-sginsc from reddit

This play starts off with Cleveland doing a good job taking away Los Angeles’ gunners, and so the next two closest players are wings.
The punt was a high one, which I believe was to not allow a return, however since Cleveland was able to take away the gunners, it gave Peppers the chance to return the ball. The route I have on that picture is what many returners would do on this play, cut outside and pick up as many yards as possible.
However Peppers decides to trust his footwork, he makes a man miss and then cuts back inside.
At this point the circled charger has to step over to the bottom of the screen. this would’ve cut off any potential moves for Peppers to make. The yellow line is what he should’ve done, and the blue one is what he actually did.
Because of that, Peppers only had to make one move to make both of them miss, and he was able to gain another 20 yards.


Bad Play

First play after the half. The 49ers Browns did not have a response to our jet sweep. We did it it felt like 15 times. But this one worked really well coming out of the locker room.

Edit: i’m dumb…corrected the team

-Banditjack from reddit

(It’s okay Banditjack, I’m dumb too)

This is a jet sweep from Los Angeles, and it is well executed, but it was really a failure by Cleveland on this play.
Cleveland’s playing a zone coverage on this play, so nobody’s going to follow Keenan Allen who’s in motion on this play. However Cleveland needs to communicate here and have a linebacker shift over to keep an eye on Allen. Because as on now nobody’s assigned to where Allen’s going to be running to.
Instead, Cleveland keeps their positioning, and they don’t have an unblocked man anywhere close to Allen.

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