Pick 32: NFC North: Week 6

Minnesota Vikings

Danielle Hunters sacks are always fun

-Smith22vikes from reddit

This it the kind of play you can only really run if you have faith in your secondary. Minnesota put’s one man on each eligible receiver, and is going to rush everybody else.
Rosen only has about a second to get the ball out, but since there’s nowhere to get the ball to, Hunter wins his matchup quickly, and gets a sack.

Bad Play

Run play up the middle

-Koiz_01 from reddit

(Only a football genius could break down one of Arizona’s runs up the middle)

How about Christian Kirk’s 35 yard catch in the 1st quarter.

-Kyrlo from reddit


Okay so this play’s going to start out with a pretty standard crossing route. Minnesota’s in a zone coverage which will allow Arizona’s receivers to get past Minnesota’s linebackers. 
As you see here, there’s 2 Cardinals past Minnesota’s linebackers. If I’m going to nitpick something, Josh Rosen probably waits too long to throw this ball. If he throws it now he has plenty of space to make the throw, but instead he waits about a full second, which allows a Vikings linebacker to get back into the play, which gave Rosen a smaller window to throw to. He still made the throw, so it didn’t end up making a difference, but it’s still something he could work on in the future. 

Green Bay Packers

The back shoulder fade to EQSB on the final drive plz

-Tjb0827 from reddit

Nothing too fancy here, but worth noting that the two receivers at the bottom of the screen aren’t going to cut.
Several 49ers cornerbacks are going to press on this play, which I personally wouldn’t have done. While it was 3rd and 2, there’s only 15 seconds left, and the Packers have no timeouts. Green bay isn’t going for anything short, and it’s not worth giving up positioning.
As I mentioned earlier, Equanimeous St. Brown doesn’t cut. Instead it’s a throw behind his opposing cornerback. It’s a play that can be intercepted, but in this situation an interception wouldn’t really be that bad. In this case it was a perfect throw, a good catch, and it led to a game winning field goal.

Bad Play

Failed reverse where Ty gets tackled for a big loss. Looks like it was supposed to reverse to Tae but the defense blew it up. Was it close to working? Did we tip our hand in some way? Does it look like a formation we can use in the future? (either the reverse again or fake the reverse)

-Rocketson from reddit

So this is a reverse play, I actually think that the end result of this play was to have Devante Adams pass the ball to halfback Aaron Jones. It’s very similar to a play that Miami ran against Oakland a few weeks ago, which I put below.


This play gets blown up almost instantly. This play can only really work if 49ers defensive linemen stay away from the bottom side of the screen, however Solomon Thomas moved quickly and got to where he could break up the play.
As you can see on the top of the screen, the rest of the play would’ve worked, Jones would’ve been open for a big gain, however they couldn’t get the ball to Adams, and the play ended up in a loss.

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