Pick 32: NFC South: Week 6

Atlanta Falcons

Break down the last play of the game. I haven’t figured out how, given the NFL’s fumble rule in the final 2 minutes of a half, that play wasn’t blown dead when the ball first hit the carpet. I’ve heard Blandino said if Jackson got the ball cleanly and made it in, it would have been a touchdow, but I can’t find the justification.

joncz from Reddit

Okay so this play is a really fun design by Tampa Bay. What’s going to happen is Jameis Winston is going to start the play by running a quarterback draw. Atlanta has nobody in a linebacker position, which causes the middle of the field to be wide open. Also it’s important to keep track of Tampa Bay wide receiver Adam Humphries. His job on this play is to stay back behind Winston and then cut to the bottom of the screen.


So far this play’s working, but Falcons cornerback Brian Poole is actually about to make a great play here. If Winston gets past him, the Falcons toward the endzone will have to play him, and Humphries will be in position to catch a lateral and take the ball into the endzone.
Instead, Poole dives and grabs Winston’s leg, this disrupts Winston’s toss to Humphries. And the pass ends up bouncing.
It’s difficult to pick up a football off the ground, especially when running full speed, and Humphries isn’t able to cleanly do so here. However luckily for Tampa Bay, Mike Evans ends up with the ball. However Evans was only in this play to block, and now he has to turn 180 degrees to make a throw to Desean Jackson.
Evans’ throw wasn’t on target, and so Jackson has to attempt to pick it up in stride and take it into the endzone due to the pressure coming. He isn’t able to do so, and Atlanta moves up to 2-4.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

Atlanta’s playing man coverage here, so Jameis Winston’s going to look for his best matchup. Since he has Mike Evans on his team, it makes for a pretty easy decision.
Robert Alford almost makes a spectacular play here, despite the face that he was covering Adam Humphries he realizes the situation and has the awareness to look at Winston to see if he’s throwing to that side of the field. If it wasn’t a perfect pass it easily could’ve been intercepted, but it was a perfect pass, and went for a first down.


Carolina Panthers

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

There’s nothing really too fancy about this one, Devin Funchess is in one on one coverage, and Cam Newton is going to give him a chance to make a play.
This is just a simple juke, Funchess fakes like he’s going one way…
But then goes the other, and Quinton Dunbar bites pretty hard, which gives Funchess great positioning in the endzone.


Bad play

Alex Smith’s TD pass to Vernon Davis would probably be a cool one to break down. Smith started the play with a pump fake before throwing the score, so it could be cool to see how the defense moved.

-Think__McFly from Reddit

This is the initial play design, Smith’s clear first read is coincidentally going to Jordan Reed. 
Here Davis runs straight in between two linebackers which is going to allow him to get wide open. However to make sure a Carolina Linebacker doesn’t follow Davis, Smith first fakes to Reed, then looks straight ahead. If you notice in the photo, Smith’s not looking towards Davis, but instead in between Reed and Davis. Despite there not even being a receiver there, Carolina’s safeties watch where Smith is looking and are now expecting a Redskin to cut in that area. Davis basically ran straight into the endzone unguarded.


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