Pick 32: NFC East: Week 6

Washington Redskins

Alex Smith’s TD pass to Vernon Davis would probably be a cool one to break down. Smith started the play with a pump fake before throwing the score, so it could be cool to see how the defense moved.

-Think__McFly from Reddit

This is the initial play design, Smith’s clear first read is coincidentally going to Jordan Reed. 
Here Davis runs straight in between two linebackers which is going to allow him to get wide open. However to make sure a Carolina Linebacker doesn’t follow Davis, Smith first fakes to Reed, then looks straight ahead. If you notice in the photo, Smith’s not looking towards Davis, but instead in between Reed and Davis. Despite there not even being a receiver there, Carolina’s safeties watch where Smith is looking and are now expecting a Redskin to cut in that area. Davis basically ran straight into the endzone unguarded.


Bad Play

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

There’s nothing really too fancy about this one, Devin Funchess is in one on one coverage, and Cam Newton is going to give him a chance to make a play.
This is just a simple juke, Funchess fakes like he’s going one way…
But then goes the other, and Quinton Dunbar bites pretty hard, which gives Funchess great positioning in the endzone.


New York Giants

I’d like to see Saquon’s run to thru the right side of the o-line, think it went for like 40 something yards? Blocking was good, created a hole, Double teamed really well.

-nikesucks from reddit

This is going to be a run to the bottom of the screen. New York’s left guard is going to come over and help block, and with Sterling Shepard there as well, this will leave just 1 unblocked man for the Eagles. 
With someone of Barkley’s talent, It’s good news when he only has to make one man miss to get a big gain. However it’s even better news when that one man basically takes himself out of the play. Here Jalen Mills ends up running right towards Barkley, following the white arrow. If he followed the black arrow he probably could’ve stopped Barkley before he even got the first down. Shepard also had a good block on this play, and it led to a big gain.


Philadelphia Eagles

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This is the initial Play design for Philadelphia.
The coverage from New York is good on this play, and it also helps that an Eagle fell down. If it was first or second down Wentz probably would’ve just dumped it off to his back, but since it’s third down he’s going to scramble to bide time.
At this point Alshon Jeffery’s already finished his route, so he’s going to improvise and run to the right of the screen.
Many would say Wentz shouldn’t have made this throw, since he had a very small window to fit it through. But he made a perfect throw and the Eagles got a touchdown out of it.


Dallas Cowboys

(13:08 – 2nd) E.Elliott right end to DAL 49 for 20 yards (M.Jack).

Very pretty counter play, well executed. With two new starters on the OL this year, the run game has evolved slightly, and this is becoming a staple.

-mrubni from reddit

On this play Prescott’s going to fake a handoff to the bottom of the screen, but then Elliott’s actually going to run to the top of the screen. Several Jaguars bite on this fake and rush down. Meanwhile 2 offensive linemen for Dallas rush over to the top of the screen.
Now the only unblocked men for Jacksonville are out of position and Elliott is able to rush for a big gain.


Bad Play

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This is a good looking design for Jacksonville. Dallas has a safety in the box, and the Jaguars are sending 3 receivers downfield. This leaves just 3 cowboys downfield to defend 3 Jacksonville receivers.
Here, Dede Westbrook runs in between 2 Dallas Linebackers, at least one of which probably should’ve followed him. A different linebacker notices what’s going on and tries to hurry back, however Westbrook’s too fast and is able to get open.


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