Pick 32: AFC South: Week 6

Houston Texans

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This is going to be a cornerback blitz by Houston, with a safety coming over to pick up a Buffalo receiver. A linebacker’s going to drop back in coverage, and Houston’s still going to have a safety back on the bottom half of the screen. 
The downside of this play for Houson is that it leaves a receiver wide open. Nathan Peterman is looking right towards an open receiver, but decides to not throw it there for some reason.
Since Buffalo has 2 receivers on the bottom half of the screen, Kelvin Benjamin who’s all the way at the bottom of the the screen is most likely either going to cut back or run straight out. He could cut in too but he would’ve had to do that earlier. At this point Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph knows he has safety help behind him, and he knows Benjamin isn’t going to cut in, so he calmly sits back and waits for Peterman to throw the ball, then he jumps the route and picks up a game clinching interception. (Although on a bit of a side note, Johnathan Joseph shouldn’t have scored a touchdown here. Buffalo had no timeouts, so if he just took a knee at the 3 yard line Buffalo could’ve just ran out the clock and then kicked a chip shot field goal to win the game as time expired. Instead the Bills had a chance to tie the game. Houston still won so it didn’t matter, but it’s a rare situation where it helps to not score a touchdown).


Bad Play

I picked this one myself.

Okay so this is the initial play design, but what I really want to talk about with this play is Josh Allen’s patience.
If this was a second down, he might dump it off to the circled receiver for a 3 or 4 yard gain, however it’s a third down and they need 6 yards on this play.
Allen’s under pressure, and nobody’s open, so he’s going to scramble to bide time. Meanwhile McCoy was only in the play to block, however he realizes the situation and runs downfield.
Nobody’s covering McCoy (which is understandable because he was just a blocker on this play). This allows McCoy to be wide open in the middle of the field for a big gain. 


Bonus Bad Play

I would like the play at the end of the game where the Touchdown pass to Griffin was batted away by the defender. I want to see if he was really running his route well enough to try and get open or if he slowed up a bit because he was afraid of the sideline or just didn’t cut hard enough. Watson made the throw late, but I feel like Griffin should have had some more separation trying harder to get to the sideline.

-Andoo from reddit

This is Houston’s play design. Buffalo’s going to be playing man coverage on this play, so Watson’s going to look for a receiver who has a good matchup.
Watson’t under pressure quickly, however he’s elusive enough to evade the tackle.
Watson’s now off balance, however Ryan Griffin’s open in the endzone. Watson at this point really should’ve planted his feet and thrown the ball now.
Instead he steps about 3 steps over and then throws while on the run. This allows Buffalo’s linebacker to get back into the play and knock the ball away.


Indianapolis Colts

Chester Rodgers touchdown! Go especially in detail of how he caught the ball!


On this play, the Colts have 3 receivers in a bunch formation at the top of the screen, and they’re all going to go deep. The Jets defenders are going to run back to guard their receivers, and Chester Rogers is going to simply run to where they were.
At this point, nobody’s on Rogers. He’s still is underneath quite a few New York defenders, however he’s got enough speed and space to get into the endzone. 


Bad Play

Adams forcing the fumble on turbin

-SuddenNeck from reddit

This play from the colts is nothing fancy, just a standard run through the left A gap. The real star of this play is Jets linebacker Avery Williamson, who I’ve circled. He spotted what the play was going to be, and positioned a defender over. This would in theory make things easier for Colts halfback Robert Turbin, who would now have a bigger hole to get through, however it also makes a bigger hole for Williamson to get through.
As you see here, the Williamson clogs up the A gap, and Turbin has to try something else. He probably should’ve gone to the bottom of the screen, but he instead goes to the top where there’s more defenders.
Many would’ve just gone for a regular tackle here, however Jets Safety Jamal Adams sees that Turbin is looking away from him to try and find a hole. Adams then lays a big hit on Turbin, which knocks the ball loose.


Jacksonville Jaguars

I received no suggestions for this one. Send me a tweet @jacksonkrueger for a suggestion next week.

This is a good looking design for Jacksonville. Dallas has a safety in the box, and the Jaguars are sending 3 receivers downfield. This leaves just 3 cowboys downfield to defend 3 Jacksonville receivers.
Here, Dede Westbrook runs in between 2 Dallas Linebackers, at least one of which probably should’ve followed him. A different linebacker notices what’s going on and tries to hurry back, however Westbrook’s too fast and is able to get open.


Bad Play

(13:08 – 2nd) E.Elliott right end to DAL 49 for 20 yards (M.Jack).

Very pretty counter play, well executed. With two new starters on the OL this year, the run game has evolved slightly, and this is becoming a staple.

-mrubni from reddit

On this play Prescott’s going to fake a handoff to the bottom of the screen, but then Elliott’s actually going to run to the top of the screen. Several Jaguars bite on this fake and rush down. Meanwhile 2 offensive linemen for Dallas rush over to the top of the screen.
Now the only unblocked men for Jacksonville are out of position and Elliott is able to rush for a big gain.


Tennessee Titans



(Yeah, they had a rough week.)

This is a very interesting play design. Tennessee has a halfback and two fullbacks in the game. Clearly the point of this is to give Mariota as much protection as possible with the ball backed up near their own goal line.
Here Baltimore rushes 5 players, while Tennessee has 7 back to block (one fullback ran out to the flat). But with extra protection, a huge hole opens up for the Titans, and Mariota picks up a first down.


Bad Play

Maybe the 22 yard Lamar run from sunday. That was his longest run of the season.

-OsCrowsAndNattyBohs1 from reddit

This is a play that’s really a big gain before the ball is snapped. Baltimore has 3 tight ends to their left, and a halfback lines up to the left side as well. The only eligible receiver on the right side of the field is Joe Flacco. At this point, the only two Titans that are going to be unblocked are basically parallel to Baltimore’s right tackle, and since this is a quarterback run to the left, that’s good news for Baltimore.
To make matters worse for Tennessee, Linebacker Kamalei Correa is blitzing here, leaving just one Titan with a clear path to Jackson. However he takes a bad angle, at this point it’s already going to be a decent gain, but if he follows the black arrow there’d be a chance to make a play. Instead he runs straight at Jackson who can easily run past him.


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