Breaking down 4 plays from Packers Vs Rams


On this play, The Rams are going to be running a cover 1 linebacker blitz out of a 2-4-5 double A gap big nickel. This means they have 2 linebackers up on the line, one’s going to blitz, and the other’s going to drop back in coverage. meanwhile Los Angeles only has one safety back, meaning Green Bay has one on one match-ups on each side of the field. And since the Rams corners are pressing, it makes things easier for Green Bay’s receivers to get past them.


Jimmy Graham who’s circled is Aaron Rodgers’ first read, however Rodgers looks at the coverage and realizes he won’t be open. It’s a 3rd and 5, so Los Angeles is expecting a quick play. This makes for the perfect time to run a stop and go route, which Devante Adams does here at the top of the screen. Adams is able to get past Marcus Peters and pick up a big gain on third down. (Seeing Aaron Rodgers play against this Rams defense was one of the most fun match-ups we’ve had all season, and I will forever hate Ty Montgomery for not letting us see one last drive with the game on the line).



Much like the last play I broke down, this is a cover 1 linebacker blitz, except this is out of a nickel instead of a big nickel (which means Green Bay has an extra defensive back on the left instead of the right, so now the next time you’re at a party and someone asks you “what’s the difference between a nickel and a big nickel?” You’ll know the answer, and everyone will love you).


Los Angeles fakes as though they’re going to run the ball, This draws Packers safety Jermaine Whitehead in, giving Goff space to pass the ball to Robert Woods on a slant route to pick up a first down.



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This is one of those inexcusable playcalls that offensive coordinators make all the time. Los Angeles is running a gap press out of a 46 bear under. This means they’re going to rush 7 men, leaving just 4 players in coverage. Granted, Green Bay has an extra linemen in the game, so it leaves one on one coverage for each of their eligible receivers, but with nobody covering their 6th linemen. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is lined up outside, and Rams Cornerback Troy Hill is lined up 5 yards off him. I think part of the blame has to go on Aaron Rodgers here, if Rodgers audibles Scantling to a slant route, they’re easily picking up a few yards at least, not to mention if Scantling can get past Hill, and make one man miss, Green Bay could be looking at a 99 yard touchdown.


As you see here, Scantling would’ve been wide open, but instead they run the ball. Los Angeles had 9 men in the area and are able to pick up a safety. In a game where Green Bay lost by 2, this play certainly has to be one they’re regretting in hindsight. It’s one of those plays where your girlfriend asks why they didn’t just pass it and you just have to go “I don’t know”.



This was one of the biggest plays of the game, it was a third and 6 with Los Angeles trailing by 1. The Packers are in a 2-4-5 double A gab big nickel, and they’re going to run a casino blitz. This means that all 6 players on the line, along with a safety are going to rush. They’re expecting a pass here, and with the pressure, Goff will have to make a quick throw. However, the Rams decide to run it. I think the thought process of that decision was that they’re on the outside of field goal range already, so gaining a few yards would be huge. So even if they don’t get the first down the play can still be a positive for the Rams.


So Green Bay brought a lot of pressure, and got 3 men through very quickly. However, they all went for Goff, expecting a play action pass. It’s like when your crush text you “I love you” and then immediately responds with “sorry I meant to send that to my boyfriend”. Goff gave the ball to Gurley, and with the offensive line doing their job, Los Angeles was able to pick up a big first down.



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