Pick 6: Breaking Down 6 Touchdowns from Week 4

Number 6: A Perfect Pass From Luck


So this isn’t anything too crazy, but I still thought it was interesting. Houston is in man coverage, and the Colts are looking like they’re going to run a simple route here. One receiver runs deep, the other cuts out, and it typically leaves a man open for about a 7 yard gain.
Instead Colts receiver Nyheim Hines breaks out and then cuts again towards the endzone. Also their deep threat cuts back into the middle of the field clearing out the corner of the endzone. Despite all of that, Houston still plays it pretty well, but the best way to beat good coverage is a good catch and a good throw.


Number 5: Russell Wilson’s Block


This play starts off with a handoff, and it’s already is looking to be a big gain, as Seattle’s offensive line does a very good job blocking (you don’t hear that one every day). Conventional wisdom would just tell you to run it through the hole, and pick up a first down.
However Seahawks Running back Mike Davis broke outside, which at first seemed like a rather head scratching decision. Because he only had one blocker, but Russell Wilson was about to change that.
Wilson was able to head down and make a lead block, which they wouldn’t have scored a touchdown without.


Number 4: Derek Carr’s Late Touchdown


This one’s more about the situation, as it came when Oakland was down 8 late in the game. It’s a pretty simple route, Oakland knows that Cleveland is in zone coverage, and therefore there’s a bubble in between zones at the bottom left corner of the screen.
It was also a good call to send their halfback out in front, because it forces a Cleveland defender to keep an eye on him, making that bubble in between zones a little bit bigger. When you’ve got a man with positioning in the endzone, Derek Carr’s going to make that throw 10 times out of 10.


Number 3: Cincinnati Game Winner


This game winner from Cincinnati was an almost identical play to the previous one. Atlanta’s playing zone, so the Bengals know the corner of the endzone is going to be open.
Atlanta does a slightly better job staying with the eventual intended target, however A.J. Green still gets by both of them.
Falcons cornerback Isaiah Oliver realizes what had happened and almost made a great play to deflect it away, but Andy Dalton made a perfect pass, which allowed the Bengals to come away with the win.


Number 2: Corey Davis’ Clutch Catch


So for Tennessee there’s nothing too fancy here. Corey Davis is clearly the intended target on this play, and the other two routes are basically designed to hopefully give Corey Davis a one on one matchup.
What’s really bizarre about this play is where the Eagles two linebackers are lined up. Mariota is a great running quarterback, so I understand the logic to have a linebacker out there to watch him, however I don’t see the point for 2. It’s 3rd and goal with only 17 seconds left, so the Titans can’t make a short pass here. It makes things even worse when both of Philadelphia’s linebackers got bunched up, which made is basically like they’re playing 11 on 10, and they could’ve really used another man deep, as Davis was able to get a one on one coverage, and he made a great catch for the win.


Number One: Just some screen pass that I thought was neat


This play starts off with Cole Beasley in motion, as you can see, a Detroit defender follows him, which means they’re playing man coverage. 
The ball is going to end up going to the top of the screen, so Dallas has to get as many Detroit players away from that area of the field. All of their receivers routes are towards the bottom of the screen, and a couple of Cowboys linemen move up to help block.
It works out perfectly, they create a ton of space, and with Ezekiel Elliott’s speed, he’s off to the races.
This is the only point that Elliott has a shot to be brought down. There’s two defenders and only one blocker for Dallas. However that blocker is center Joe Looney, who would have no problem blocking a defensive back. At this point, Detroit safety Glover Quin should’ve broke towards the sideline, forcing Looney to only be able to block one man, and giving the other a shot at Elliott.
However, both Lions defenders stayed too close together, and Looney was able to block them both, allowing Elliott to get into the endzone.



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